About Us

Asheville Observer is a local news portal that is specializing on providing positive and high-quality news. We are working for a dynamic and progressive City of Asheville known as an art colony, a healing resort and a home to notable luminaries, statesmen and bohemians, Asheville is one of the most welcoming, vibrant cities in America.

Our mission is to provide our citizens with quality news about the city’s various aspects of life elevating their minds as well as entertaining. Our major task is to make our citizens` life as bright as possible by providing fresh information concerning Asheville`s most amazing events and celebrations. We also aim to create a friendly and cozy community where everyone could find something of interest. Our main priorities while choosing and publishing news are: actuality, positivity and usefulness. What is more, our news portal aims to attract foreign visitors to our city by highlighting various tourist attractions and suggesting the best places to stay, eat and visit. Above this, Asheville observer is also providing its readers with a lot of informative articles about health, art and new technologies to be educating as well as entertaining.